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Welcome to
Spring Park Dog Training School

      Teaches families how to have a well-mannered pet      

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Waiting with obedience and patience
A well-mannered pet

The Spring Park experience

New puppy?  Rescued dog?

Whether you have a new pet or already own a pet with behavioral challenges, we are here to support you and your dog. 


At Spring Park Dog Training School, we help our pet clients and their human friends make the most of their friendship.  Your experience with the school starts with the Newcomers course and progresses through three more classes during Monday evenings. 

What exactly do we do?

Family pets with patient good manners


Join us in our training sessions in order to learn, with our instructors' help and guidance, how to train your dogs to become the family pet you want in your home.  So long as you practice from week to week, you will see the change in your pet.  You will have our help all the way.  Simply put, our training works!

Group learning


Our Newcomers Course is designed to help you to welcome your new arrival to your home, and for the entire family to join in to help with the training.  You will work and learn alongside others in the same situation, as well as socialise people and pets.

Whether you have a new puppy or a rescued or rehomed dog, our training works.

Heelwork with one-to-one tuition


Not only do you have the group training, you will also be given one to one supervision from one of our instructors to ensure that you and your pet are getting the best from the experience.  We will provide you with tools and skills to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion. 

Where are we, when are we there?

We are in West Wickham on Monday evenings.  To find out exactly where and what time, please click on the About us button below.

For information about our next Newcomers Course, and how to register for it, please click on the Contact us button below.

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